#52 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Time withered away

Today’s poem is prompted by Poem of Quotes Poetry Line Creator and it is:

“Time withered away the hurtful memories…”

I suspect our experience often is different. It is the hurtful memories that do not wither but the good ones. But maybe that idea is tainted by my experience of post-traumatic stress syndrome where something in your brain overloads and you experience a traumatic experience over and over again like it happens just now. Those old experiences get triggered often by things entirely unrelated to the original occurrence which makes it even more difficult to deal with it. It often needs therapy to get over that blockage in your brain. In case of traumatic experiences, time does not heal all wounds.

Still, with no traumatic but bad experience, it is a different matter and time probably can wither the hurt away.

Let’s get versing then:

Time withered away

Time withered away
the hurtful memories,
grown dry and grey.

Flake by flake
hour by hour
they withered and withered.

Until at last
there was only
a faint whisper

I found this really hard to write. Flashbacks which are the remembering of traumatic experiences which have not been processed and make you feel like it is happening now can become quite powerful if you do not get the right help.

For a long time, I wished it would only go away. Wither away with time and I believed it would but it didn’t until I could take part in EMDR a therapy form that was invented to help soldiers suffering from PTSD but is today used in dealing with all sorts of traumatic experiences.

The thing is though that something that does not bother one person can be really traumatic for another. People think and often say: “Come on: Get over it!” But that exactly is not possible.
For me writing this poem brought this feeling of “I cannot get over it!” back and that is a memory I did not want to feel.

But I know it will be one that will wither with time.

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