#100 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Three Hundred Words

January 2019

That is when I discovered the free online courses?! Well, am doing another one currently: Future Learn’s “Empire” by the University of Exeter. Pretty interesting. Do you do free online courses?

September 2014

Right, another 21 and a little and I am one third through my year-long poetry challenge. It is a proper challenge now. First of all, I want to write really long poems in September and I do not feel very comfortable with it: firstly because I do not like writing long things; secondly because I feel those poems need lots more editing which I do not have time for neither do I want to right now.

Just another phase of “Let’s take stock of our life and see where to go”. I am in my mid-forties after all and when I was young I thought I never make it over the 40 threshold. A “well done!” and clapping my own shoulder at this point.

That “taking stock” has lead me to free online courses and at last, I really have started to spruce up my French. Quite excited about it. Then I found a free online course from a university about journalism, which starts on September 29th and I have signed up for that as well.

It is astonishing how many things you can learn online and for free. I like that idea of people being “self-taught” and today it is easier than ever. So often I have thought about doing another university degree, but somehow I just can’t get myself really into it. Choosing my own topics one at a time and learning what interests me right now appeals much more to me and wow is there an offer!

So blogging has to suffer a little. No, not all will vanish. From next week on I will come back with “Good Morning Writers!” and with “Second-Serving-Sunday” and then I will see what I have to for. Therefore even though my challenge this month is to write really long poetry for tonight it is another shorty. Oh, and there are going to be some book & author surprises.

Take care out there and don’t forget: If you really want something you will get it. Sometimes even for free!


three hundred words

what a pity

not tonight

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