Blast from the Past: New Wordless Wednesday #Poetry

January 2019

This was first posted in October 2017

October 2017

Ok, this post is not particularly wordless. But it is about pictures and a picture editing app (and also about writing 😉 ) so I figured I can put it under Wordless Wednesday. Cheeky, isn’t it?

Last week I have re-discovered Pablo, the picture editing app from Buffer. Buffer is a social media sharing app that I am very fond of. You can share to three social media accounts with the free account but add more if you pay.

The Awesome Plan as they call it is 10$ per month which is roundabout 8£. It is a little cheaper if you pay for the whole year. That plan adds stats and other benefits to using Buffer which are very helpful. Pablo is for free and offers royalty free pictures but you can add your own too.It allows you to add any text you want as well as quotes they chose for you if you like to. I think that is great.

When I was re-thinking my blog I decided I still wanted to take part in Wordless Wednesday but felt it does not particularly fit in my goal of a “#amwriting #mentalhealth lifestyle!”. So I came up with the idea to combine it with poetry and that is how “Wordless Wednesday #poetry” was born.

Yes, I do believe that an #amwriting lifestyle means to write every day. That does not mean you have to write parts of a novel every day but at least produce a piece of writing. May that be a letter or email to a friend, an entry for your diary or in my case a poem.

Ok, that’s not completely true. My goal is to write a poem a day, a journal entry a day and a blog post a day. I try not to be too strict with myself with that because that is a sure way for me to fail!

I allow myself to miss a journal entry and a poem when I work full days and I do write more than one blog post on my days off because often after work I just do not have the energy to get a post out that I feel is acceptable. That’s part of the #amwriting life in my opinion. You have to do it your way to make it work.

I’ve just started all this last week so I can’t say just yet how successful I am but I worked on a couple of poems and this is one of them:

Description for visually impaired readers: Beach, sea and sky as background. White Writing saying: Freya, Frigg and Venus roam our subconscious. Weekends are for lust and recreation. If you have one

So, there you have my Wordless Wednesday #poetry and some update on my developing #amwriting lifestyle.

I am curious: Do you write every day? Please let me know in the comments.

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