#JusJoJan does one snowy line (or not…)

So peeps I got my snow!!!!!!

This is the little path I walk the dog in the mornings. You can see the field covered with snow to the left and bushes and trees to the right and at the horizon

I woke up at 3 in the morning and the first thing I did was to look out of the window and did a little snow appreciation dance. That inner child of mine is terribly happy.

However, I also feel a little guilty having heard of that polar vortex thing covering Canada and parts of the US. Blimey, I love winter and the cold but THAT is too much of the good!

I hope all of you make it through safely and can stay warm!!!!!

This post takes part in Linda’s #JusJoJan and should have been one line but there is a reason why I usually not take part 😉 LOL

11 thoughts on “#JusJoJan does one snowy line (or not…)

    1. I think you got a lot more than we did. It sort of melted away over the Irish sea before it hit us. Hope you are ok though and enjoy a free day. Am preparing for next months “Love Is In Da Blog” so will get to reading blogs later on. I fell asleep yesterday as soon as I hit the bed even though I wanted to use that time for reading. Hopefully, I can make it tonight!

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  1. Your snow is what we call “a dusting” here in the U.S. polar vortex region. Our latest snowstorm was somewhere in the vicinity of 8-10 inches and then there is the frigid cold…

    I’m glad, though, that the snow made you happy and it was still warm enough to walk the dog. Enjoy while it’s there!

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    1. Yes, I really feel for you. It’s not really winter what we usually get here in the East of England. That is why I am happy with one snowflake ;-). I come from the South of Germany and am used to so much more snow. But last years “Beast from the East” wasn’t bad ;-). Hope you stay warm and save and get through this iciness.

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