YouTube Tuesday ~ Magical Houses, made of Bamboo

February 2019

I love this video and the fresh ideas of how to build houses…

January 2018

2017 might not have been my year of finishing unfinished projects but it certainly was my year of using my brain and learning new things. I have done a couple of courses with FutureLearn and have watched many TED talks that made me think and wonder.

In my quest for learning new things I have stumbled over a topic I never really considered to be part of my knowledge: Architecture.

Yes, I liked to see great architecture in cities like Berlin or Paris but I never thought I’d be interested to actually learn something more about the topic.

Then I came to the UK and watched “Great Designs” and even though I am not so keen on the program anymore it has sparked my curiosity about architecture.

So it was just natural to take a peek into the “Architecture” playlist at the TED YouTube channel. Today I want to share one of its videos that has made me think and dream:

I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did.


May I invite you to share your favourite YouTube video too?

No matter what language, topic or style ~

write a post and share it here for me to visit your blog.

Can’t wait to find out more!

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