Mindful Music Monday Mug Chat is on NOW

Self-care is especially important when times are rough and too much is going on everywhere. So I believe it is good to meet up and have a cuppa together and share your story. However, we cannot always do that physically and so I have started the “Mindful Music Monday Mug Chat”. You can join in with this link every Tuesday on Skype unless differently stated at 1 pm GMT (that is London time ~ please find your time here)
The link will ask you if you want to open it in the Skype app but you can open it online too. You can either join as a guest or sign in with your Microsoft account. For now, we are going to have a written conversation but we’ll keep an open mind and see where it will lead us.
What else do you need? A cup of tea, coffee or any other of your favourite beverage, a song to share and a polite manner. If you join in on the web you can only share files from your laptop or computer but if you join with an account you can also share YouTube videos, searches and other files to make our conversation more interesting.

I am looking forward to meeting you there (join me with this link) and I am online now.

Was talking to myself last time 😁

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