Lean Against … and Listen ~ A Cold Wind Blows

February 2019

I am surprised what interesting little bits I was writing with this great writing prompt.

PS. I am not on Facebook anymore…

August 2014

Tonight I feel funny. Our holidays are nearly over and I have done hardly anything of what I wanted to for example reading lots of books, writing a lot. But I have spent lots of time pondering my life and what I want to concentrate on in the next few months as well as had time with my family and just to play around on Facebook etc. That feels like a “real” holiday even though the “not done” parts nag a little on me. I don’t mind though. Let them. I just go to my oak tree lean against it and listen to what the storyteller has to say: Lean against… and listen I quote Kasey Mathews from the WANA group “Write to heal” for this writing prompt: “With paper and pen, or computer handy, lean back in your chair, or against the wall, or a sofa etc., close your eyes and imagine you are sitting under a large tree with your back resting against the trunk. On the other side of the tree, a Storyteller has come to sit down and also rest against the tree trunk. With eyes still closed, just listen. Wait for the Storyteller to begin his or her story. When you hear it begin, simply write down all that you hear.

A cold wind blows over the mountains. It carries messages of blizzards. So early this year. When we drag our eyes up from the hard soil, we are harvesting from the little it gives us, we can only see towering bluish grey clouds and the spiky heights of those mountains we came down those seasons ago with so much hope. Little did we know about preparing the land for planting. Little did we know about the different climate in this godforsaken valley. Little did we know of the illnesses. Have the gods forgotten us? We ask on a daily basis. Even the children have stopped playing and laughing. They stay close to us collecting leftover potatoes and corn that falls from our hands. They do not even ask for treats anymore. And as I stand up from freeing another sad little patch of soil from the overgrowth that seems to grow back at double speed every time we harvest the first ice cold crystals touch my face.


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