#143 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Butterflies

March 2019

It somehow feels like I haven’t changed that much and just amble through a universe of my own… but who knows. Maybe this was just a very long chrysalis stage and the new appears soon.

October 2014

As you know my spirituality is widely guided by shamanistic ideas. What gives me guidance a lot are animal spirit guides who’s messages teach me what is important to learn right now.

This year was dominated by butterflies in all forms and stages. They just have to cheer us up when they dance along beautiful flowers or amaze us when they come out of their chrysalis to courageously start a new life.

This is such a wonderful symbol when you and your life is changing teaching you that change does not need to be traumatic but can be a beautiful experience.


Not only
in my stomach
they dance
with my
beautiful soul.


6 thoughts on “#143 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Butterflies

  1. You’ve gotten me to stop and realize how wonderful butterflies are. I don’t exactly take them for granted, but now that I think about it, they are marvelous treasures.

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