FREE Writing Resources ~ Tina Hunter?

March 2019

I reviewed Tina Hunters page way back in summer 2014 and was surprised that it was still there, to be honest. So many I have visited in 2014 are gone now. Tina does not seem to blog a lot but her writing resources are still worth checking out.

August 2014

In my searches, through the labyrinth of the world wide web, I have stumbled across the blog of Tina Hunter who describes herself as “Writer. Mother. Geek. Lover of Science Fiction & Fantasy”. I liked that. I like the fact that she shows so many facets of herself in a short line. That looks like a great writer is at work.

She has actually published 5 books none of which I have read so far but they are another addition to my growing reading list. The reason though why I mention her here is her brilliant blog posts about writing science fiction (and fantasy).

There is a page on her blog where she collected links to publishers, writing contests and conferences as well as pages to fight writer’s block. Her posts though about resources are the ones that are interesting.

Two I want to mention are “Top Ten Writers Guides” and “10 Research Sites for Fiction Writers“. We all know good fiction comes with good research, but no matter how dedicated we are, we are not able to go in person and visit every place on earth neither can we study everything we need for our science fiction novels.
Thank goodness there is the net now and Tina has made a list of 10 brilliant pages which can give you a mass of information that will help you along.

Her list of Writers Guides covers a vast field of what writers need to know from world-building to create a hero and an emotion thesaurus. All things I need to get my mind around more when writing. In my opinion, her blog is a great resource to improve your skill as a writer, no matter if you are just starting or if you are a seasoned writer.

Please head over and pay her a visit: Tina Hunter


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