Love Yourself Challenge Day 22

I am taking part in a challenge called “Love Yourself” by Carol Anne from “Therapy Bits” in which she invites us to find something we love about ourselves every day. One heck of a challenge I would say. But maybe it’s not so difficult for you? I posted the “Love Yourself Challenge” posts previously on “Bee SelfCaring” but am moving my posts to “The Bee Writes…”

Here is what Carol Anne wrote on the first day of the challenge:

“List something, or more than one thing, you love about yourself, for the entire month of march!
Each day, we’ll make a daily post calling it love yourself challenge, and list what you love about yourself!”

Self-care and Loving yourself!

I believe that part of caring for ourselves is to develop healthy self-esteem especially if you live with a mental health problem. I often find it rather hard to find things that I like about myself so finding 31 of them is definitely a challenge.

And I am taking the challenge, Carol Anne! Thanks for hosting it!!!

Love Yourself Challenge Day 22

Ok, many people probably think that what I love about myself today is rather a problem than something to love but it keeps life interesting 😉

Looks like I am one of those creative (or science?! 😉 ) people whose brain work a little different than other peoples: Ours is all over the place, continuously busy with something and even a long-term meditation and mindfulness practise can’t calm it down… I am just all over the place 🙂 BEWARE BEE ON THE LOOSE LOL

Description for visually impaired readers: A path leading towards a forest (bare branches). To both sides grass and further outside dry reeds. Front of picture head of black greyhound in yellow high vis coat and beside it its shadow and shadow of a woman

Would you like to join?

And what about you? Would you like to join? Don’t worry about being late: just jump in and share what you love about yourself! Feel free to do it here in the comments if you do not write a blog or don’t want to write a post about it.

Carol was busy with life so we connect this post with her day 4

May you have an interesting Day and
remember what you love about yourself!

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