It’s a little crazy here at Bee’s Good News Tuesday…

I messed up today. Well, only my plans. Wanted to write a couple of blog posts and go through a couple of old ones but I somehow got an energy rush which I explained over at Therapy Bits. So I’ve done everything else but…

Never mind. That’s how life is in Bee Land 🙂

Still, I don’t want to miss out on Good News Tuesday after I courageously decided to take part last week. Yes, I know, it’s my blog I can do with it what I want and skip whenever I want to but that’s not fun, is it? Short distraction: How is the weather where you are? It’s cloudy here but not too cold unless you stand in the wind. That’s rather cold. The narcissuses are nearly done but the bushes and trees start to get new leaves. As much as I love snow I am looking forward to warmer temperatures now… Back to “Good News Tuesday”

Just a short one. Did I say that already? Concentrate BEE CONCENTRATE!!!!!!

And how I concentrated: stumbled over this kind and humble gentlemen who gave his shoes to a stranger and doesn’t even want to be known for it. Let’s face it: Not only Christians have good samaritans…

video source: Let’s Change Ourselves via YouTube

Sorry, I am new to this good news thing and might not have the necessary seriousness to proceed. And no more good news either for today. But … I … believe… every little helps!!!!!! And if you want more of it hop over to the lovely and generous JoAnna and find some more good news!!!!

Now my dear readers, go out, enjoy some sunshine (if you have any) and/or give away your shoes or coat… because random acts of kindness make this world go round and not money as so many believe!!!!!!

Hugs to you all and have a great day, night, morning depending on where you are and remember what you love about yourself!

I love it that I can be rather crazy at times (and that takes part in Carol Anne’s “Love Yourself Challenge” and it is Day 26! btw)


2 thoughts on “It’s a little crazy here at Bee’s Good News Tuesday…

  1. Yes! Every little bit helps! I love the story, and I love your personal touch and humor. You don’t have to be serious for Good News Tuesday! I’m going to take the liberty to put your link in the comments of my GNT post. Feel free to add your good news post there any time!

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