Wordless Wednesday ~ Lean against…. and listen

March 2019

I posted this first in November 2014

November 2014

Even though this post is rather “wordful” it takes part in “Wordless Wednesday“. So please head over and enjoy more great photography posts.

Lean against … and listen

I quote Kasey Mathews from the WANA group “Write to heal” for this writing prompt:

“With paper and pen, or computer handy, lean back in your chair, or against the wall, or a sofa etc., close your eyes and imagine you are sitting under a large tree with your back resting against the trunk. On the other side of the tree, a Storyteller has come to sit down and also rest against the tree trunk. With eyes still closed, just listen. Wait for the Storyteller to begin his or her story. When you hear it begin, simply write down all that you hear. “


Here in my deepness, the words spring forth like a thousand wells. Dreamcatcher did not do a good job. Images emerge from nowhere and create confusion: Where have I seen the golden city before? Or is just an ancient cave or a run-down shack?

My soul has lost it’s home. It wanders lost but never lonely as the creatures of the night follow it carefully not to disturb its meditations.

Morgaine awaits. Little Morgaine. But is she little anymore? No. No. Grown-up like a masterful teacher she rides the polar bear after all. She rides towards the night creatures protecting my soul.

She bends in respect before the master of words but Morgaine does not care. Up she lifts my soul with strong hands and the creatures of the night shriek: “She has taken her!”….. “She has taken her!”… ” We have failed the dark master!” and they flee.

So here I am in my deepness where the words spring forth like a thousand wells.

Description for visually impaired readers: no a very clear picture. Muddy bank of a little stream in foreground. The stream is in the middle of the picture but shows shadows of tree trunks and branches and trees and bushes in background

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