Some of my thoughts on Brexit two Years ago

March 2019

Tomorrow’s the day and when I schedule this post it is the day British politicians decide pro or against a no deal Brexit. Yesterday they decided against May’s negotiated deal. And I just sit in front of the TV and think: “But what more can you negotiate? The EU won’t change their stance! They said so from the beginning: You can’t be part of the economic union if you do not allow free movement (and don’t want to pay…)”

I have trouble to see any other outcome than a no deal Brexit at the moment because even if they get an extension of Article 50 nothing will change. I really don’t get British politicians. Looks like they have to learn that they can’t bully the EU towards their agendas anymore. But what do I know? It might look totally different by now…

August 2017

… ” The Brexiteers only want tougher border controls until they go on holiday! It will be interesting what they are going to say in two years time when they have to wait a week to get out of Britain to go on holiday!”

Well, life is always faster than I expect it to be. This year British holidaymakers already have to wait up to 4 hours or more to get either out of Britain on holiday or back from holiday as the BBC, The Independent and other news pages report.

Of course, this has nothing yet to do with Brexit but with new security measures to tackle the huge terrorist threat facing western civilisation in general and the EU specifically.

It just proofs what I think: “Whichever liberty you take from your neighbour will be taken from you too!” You don’t want free movement for others you won’t have it either.*

It’s going to be interesting to see how it will be in two years time depending on what Britain and the EU manage to negotiate.

For now, I just enjoy an article on NewsThump making light of the whole Brexit and free movement problem: Tighter Border controls should not apply when I’m going on holiday, insists angry Brexiteer! ( this post is comedy not real 😉 )

*I am aware that measures need to be taken to protect our countries, however, to discuss this point would have taken too long and I am pondering this for another post.



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