Blast from the Past: #184 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ At Night

#frapalymo ends today and the first half of my year-long “A Prompt A Day For Bee” project as well. It is amazing how many different poems I have written so far. Well, 184 to be exact, some better some worse and my thoughts go more and more to summer 2015 when I will transform it into a poetry book. There are many ideas like little seedlings in my mind, and I cannot wait to find out what will become of them. 

But to give #frapalymo the end it deserves I will for the last time in 2014 translate the prompt that @FrauPaulchen has offered us so generously:

You can find the original German post here: #frapalymo impuls 30nov14

“it is time now: the last prompt for mrs paulchens poetry month in november 2014 is here. conclusion, retrospect and your feedback about #frapalymo will find a place at the first of december and/or afterwards – the last prompt and the last day are entirely for our poetry month.

the prompt for #frapalymo no 30 is: „blue hours on terraces of cosmopolitan cafes*” – a sentence from the book „denken mit fernando pessoa/(I could not find an English translation of this book)“, whom I like very much with is language and his images. I hope, you enjoy those blue hours and I am curious to which cities and to which blue hours you will send us your impressions, scenes and feelings.

*please consider, that you do not need to use the exact words of the #frapalymo prompt. they should encourage you to ponder and verse. if you use the exact words, please mark it in your poem and give credit to the author. thank you.

and the small print: please tell me via mail or twitter, if you want to verse with me that means I can tweet a link to your post. or post your poem or the link to your poem in the comment section under my poem on the according day. hashtag for me to recognise the tweet is #frapalymo (mainly in German), and I am @FrauPaulchen.”

Of course, you can leave your poem or the link to it here on “The Bee Writes…” in the comment section, and I will tweet about it and tell Sophie.

at night
London’s Eye
at night
our cups
a bond
that will
never break
London’s Eye
at night
we shared
our pain
our luck
and gained
London’s Eye
at night
a new chapter
of friendship


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