Blast from the Past: #186 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Black Hole

I feel a little lonely now that #frapalymo has ended, and I am a little disappointed.

Not with #frapalymo itself but with the fact that English speaking and writing poets do not seem to like the #frapalymo prompts. Well, maybe they do but have not told me so. Never mind ~ that is how it is.

For #frapalymo in May I have decided not to translate the prompts but just to take them as food for thought and to concentrate on my poetry writing. After all, it will be the final spurt of “A Prompt A Day For Bee” and it will be exciting to find out which sort of poems I will have written by then.

But for now, I shall write without a prompt ~ freestyling so to speak ;-).

Well, actually this picture is my prompt for today. Last week I went to a place that I would call my “spiritual centre” even though I do not follow the congregation this place belongs to. I love to take pictures of my shadow, but I am also interested in Shamanism and other spiritual paths.

Lately, I have come across the expression “shadow work” meaning to embrace those parts of you that you usually either ignore or feel they are no good parts of you. The idea is to integrate them into your personality and to forgive yourself for whatever you feel you need forgiving.

And that is why today’s poem is dedicated to my shadow:

black hole
in my 
long time
that black
hole in
my heart
made me
over my
own thoughts
that black hole
in my heart
with molecules
of happiness
that black hole in
my heart


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