Poem on Friday: Whole

April 2019

Soul searching for a year has helped to become more whole. It is a good feeling!

September 2017

Feeling whole was one of my goals from the moment my life was shattered when my mother passed away. Not sure I am there yet but the “Lost Souls” series of poems certainly has helped to get there.

The “Lost Souls” series is a series of poems I wrote since 2012 exploring the experience of not feeling as a whole person but as many pieces. Even though I have never been diagnosed with dissociative personality disorder I have read a lot about it and always felt that that describes my experience very well.

There has been a time when I did not think about myself as “I”. My inner dialogue always addressed myself as “we” meaning I did not think “I do this or that” but “we do this or that”. I never thought that to be strange because I was never aware of it until much later.

This time is long gone and I feel much more a whole person and not so much in many pieces than I used to and I believe this poetry series has helped a lot. But here one of the poems:

February 2012

My souls
lost in

the way

to wholeness!


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