Blast from the Past: #191 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Healing

April 2019

Am still a little jealous about them 😦

December 2014

Lately, I am a little jealous. No, not about the people who have fame or a lot of money. That does not last very long anyway. It is those people who always knew what their life’s path is about and who were enabled to follow it without any disturbances.

I feel my life was all over the place. Literally, because I had to move a lot but also figuratively as I had to deal with a lot of challenges in my life, and it feels a little like I have lost my way. However, that is probably my negativity speaking.

Looking without my blinders, I realise that my life has always been about helping the people around me. Helping them to feel better about themselves. Helping them to find their passion. Helping them to find their way. Just to make a difference to others. A difference for the better.

No matter how much I struggled with this and no matter which “wrong” turns I have taken in the end it is all about that. And that is not a bad thing I suspect.

not an

evil syndrome.





Nothing but
Getting well!

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