Blast from the Past: Good Morning Writers! ~ Let’s get Butterflies

June 2019
I am not sure if Livia still does this blog. The last review I saw was from August 2018. But it’s still worth checking the reviews out
November 2014

How is your writing going? Are you happy with what you create or are you dragging on? Do you need a break and a new read?

Butterfly-O-Meter books ~ giving you the butterflies since 2011

Wow 2011! That is an awful long time for blogging about books, give-aways and what else is out there book related. You might know that I am part of Olivia’s team since spring 2014 and have been welcomed warmly by her and her readers. Once a month I review a book either of my own choosing or one that has applied to be reviewed on her form. And there are great ideas for new reads to find.

Get your book reviewed by Butterfly-O-Meter

If your book does not centre around war itself, self-help or memoirs then you might consider applying for your book to be reviewed on Butterfly-O-Meter. Olivia has a straight forward form which allows you to give all the information and her review policy is clear and helps to avoid misunderstandings.

Find a good read

Sometimes, if the writing does not go well, it is the best to just step away and bury yourself in a good book. Butterfly-O-Meter gives you great YA book tips, adult and mature reads, LGBT, romance, erotica and urban fantasy novels. There surely is something for you to find. There are lots of give-aways as well. Who can resist a book for free????

Take a break ~ take a butterfly 😉

So if you struggle a little and need to get away: Have a peek into Butterfly-O-Meter and find great new reads.

Your favourite book blog?

Curious as I am, I can’t resist on asking you? Which is your favourite book blog? Where do you get the best ideas for reading from and who has helped you to advertise for your book? Am looking forward to hear all about your best tips :-)!


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