Blast from the Past: #196 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ ancient (a cheating poem)

April 2019

That poem generator does not exist anymore. Shame!

December 2014

Nearly 200 poems written! Incredible. This is one of the best projects I have ever done, and I am determined to create a book with it. That will challenge me as much as writing a poem a day as it means I have to edit my poems. That is not exactly my strong point. However, I want to improve myself and writing skills so taking on that project for next year will certainly help me with that.

What do I want to write about today? No idea. I think I’ll use another one of my poetry line creators. Haven’t done that in a while…. oh, I think I cheat again 😉


Suns mimicked reptiles like silvery trees feast.
Kapow! love, the clever dawn.
Ay! dusk, the silvery blood.
When do wings become birds?
Rise ominously like a frightening sky in fear.
Why did the tree ravage it, to fight the majesty?
Predators preen and before them flesh falls!
Though it’s now more clever and less pointy.
Ever to give a reptile, it mimicked a sky.

This one I have not really created myself. I googled “poetry line generator” and stumbled over “Had to know’s” Random Poetry Generator, which offers you a pre-set topic and nine lists of words which you can edit and create your own. I just wanted to try it out that is why I did not edit the word lists and it came up with the above poem which I find quite cute. I shall  make one of my own tomorrow 🙂

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