G. Bruskoff answers The Proust Questionnaire

Today I am honoured to introduce you to Gabriel Bruskoff who has kindly agreed to answer the Proust Questionnaire. Gabriel is a filmmaker whose new project is “What We Are Meant For” and he says about it:

Gabriel Bruskoff is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles, and is currently directing What We’re Meant For, a 2D animated short about loss, family, and mental health. More information on the project can be found at www.WhatWereMeantFor.com.

Writer/Director: What We’re Meant For

I asked him to take part in the Proust Questionnaire because I think this film is very important and needs all our support. As I have no money to give I decided to put my blog to good use. But now without further ado over to Gabriel:

Where do you want to live?

I don’t want to live anywhere but LA, it’s the best place for weather and filmmaking.

What is perfect bliss for you?

Directing a great cast and crew, working off a great script

Which fault do you excuse the easiest?

People who try their hardest and do their best but don’t achieve results

What is the biggest disaster for you?

Being trapped in depression

Your favourite characters in a novel?

I don’t know, I mostly read non-fiction. Maybe Holden Caulfield, except I haven’t read Catcher in the Rye since high school. Maybe Neville Longbottom.

Your favourite figure in history?

Leonardo Da Vinci, cause he was a genius and an artist who took huge risks. Also, I did an enormous project on him in 7th grade, something that contributed to my appreciation for him a lot.

Your favourite hero/heroine in real life?

I don’t know if he’s my favorite but I’m a big fan of Witold Pilecki (look him up). I have a soft spot for Poland because they’ve really been screwed over throughout the centuries, but even so, they try really hard.

Your favourite painter?

Vincent Van Gogh. His style, creativity, and emotional outpouring is incredible.

Your favourite author?

Malcolm Gladwell

Your favourite composer?

Bernard Hermann. Or Beethoven.

Which quality do you appreciate the most in a woman?

Intelligence, strength, and compassion.

Which quality do you appreciate the most in a man?

Intelligence, strength, and compassion.

Your favourite virtue?


Your favourite activity?

Directing films

Who or what would you like to be?

A good person and successful filmmaker

Your main characteristic?

ummm, understanding?

What do you appreciate the most in your friends?


Your biggest fault?

I often am too idealistic

Your dream of happiness?

Making great films with great casts and crews

Your favourite colour?

Red, the color of passion

Your favourite flower?


Your favourite bird?

I saw California Condor #23 up close in the wild once. I also really like kookaburas (because they look funny and their name is fun to say), macaws (because they are red and beautiful), toucans (because they are unique and I’ve seen multiple in the wild) and cassowarys (because they look like dinosaurs).

Your favourite poet?

Does George Carlin count?

What do you hate the most?

Willful ignorance. Also, passive-aggressiveness.

Which historical figure do you hate the most?

All the bad ones.

Which is your favourite reform?

No one is above the law, from the Magna Carta

Which natural talent would you like to have?


How do you want to die?

Old and happy

Your current state of mind?

Confused by some of these questions.

Your motto?

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain
“Stay young, stay foolish.” – Steve Jobs

Thanks, Gabriel for answering the Proust Questionnaire and sorry for the confusion but I think that is part of the experience. 

Find Gabriel here:

Gabriel’s page

Gabriel’s blog



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