Blast from the Past: #198 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ haiku

April 2019

Not sure that worked 🙂

December 2014

Yesterday I wrote a poem about me watching a plane go by. Well, it was rather its steamline left in the sky that I found quite fascinating as it disintegrated directly. I often wonder where those planes go and who is in it and if the people who are in it go on holiday or business trip or…

It’s rather nice just to wonder as I am afraid of flying. Well, not exactly of flying: I am a bit claustrophobic and planes do give me that “being imprisoned”-feeling. A few years ago I managed a few flights within Europe none longer than 2 hours. I grabbed a book, hold it close to my nose and just tried to concentrate on it to forget where I was.

None the less yesterday I thought watching that plane in the sky would be somehow a nice topic for a haiku, and therefore I’ll try one.

winter clouds
I walk along fields
as the steam line dissolves

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