Blast from the Past: #201 of #365 A Prompt A Day ~ Perfect

April 2019

Still pondering that topic…

December 2014

Ok, this prompt wasn’t really meant for poetry I just hijacked it ;-). Again I took it from Imaginality (blog and links don’t exist anymore). Its “Creative Advent calendar” is a great boost for your creative juices around the busy Christmas time. Today’s was meant to be “a positive headline” but well I am not writing “A Headline A Day” ;-).

So I will write a poem about a perfect world. I am thinking a lot about that lately as I can see how much money is still, yet or is going to be the ruler of our society. Would be nice to create a society where humans and their needs come first and then earning and owning money. But who knows what will happen since the Internet…


perfect. different.
for. me. or.
perfect. could.
be. so.
perfect. is.
it. wanted.
or. is.

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