Blast from the Past: #202 of #365 of A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ shades

April 2019

Sigh, such a long time ago all this…

December 2014

It feels kind of odd that I am already in the two hundreds of my year-long project. Half-way was at the beginning of December, therefore, it’s going down now. LOL. I mean it’s fewer and fewer poems to write.

It has become a ritual for me to think about where to get a prompt from or just what to write about. That will leave a hole in my day, and I am already thinking about another project but well…. Zara is waiting to be finished (a fantasy story I have since given up on), and I am determined to do so in 2015 so, please remind me of it whenever I start thinking about stopping.

But for now, it is still another poem


Description for visually impaired readers: A drawing in blue and yellow. Yellow dots surrounded by dark blue shades and space between coloured in with light blue
fifty                       shades                            of
never                                 ending
of                …
The above picture was the prompt for this poem and as you can see I am getting a little experimental. @FrauPaulchens fragmental poetry has inspired me to try out more than just words and sentences 🙂


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