Blast from the Past: Good Morning Writers ~ To read it or not to read it…. in full

This post was first published in January 2015

How is your writing going? Are you buzzing ahead or lacking behind? And what about your reading?

About four weeks ago I read a post on Deb Nances “ReaderBuzz” that is called “Browsable books or … (GASP)… I don’t always read every word in a book“.

She admitted that she does not always read every single word in a book, but it depends on the book of course. That made me think a lot.

Firstly I realised that I have started to skip bits in books. Boring bits. Something I would never have done before. I would have skipped scary bits or bits that would cause me a flashback, but I would have worked through the boring bits acrimoniously.

When I realised I have started skipping bits I also started to wonder if this is a side-effect of our so fast-moving internet age. You rather consume a book than reading it.

Even though I do it at times I feel like I have not read the book properly, and I try not to it with review books unless I am honest about that and write it in it. The reader has a right to know.

But on the other hand, you have to skip something if you have a certain amount to read in a certain amount of time. There are ways of fast-reading which I never managed to master. Not that I really wanted to.

I am not really shocked by Deb’s post, but it leaves a somehow dreary feeling inside of me. Can you relate?

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