Let’s learn to grow things again…

Here are some compelling reasons for it:



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What do you want the future to look like? Eva: The future has to be a lot more local. We need to learn how to grow food, we need to learn how to produce most of what we need locally, & we need to consume a lot less. It requires a lot relearning skills that we used to have. We currently get everything done for us by people who are far away elsewhere, whose exploitation is part of the externalised costs of the life of the privileged that are hidden from us. We have to get out of this abusive situation where there are people on top who are exploiting everybody else, and there is nobody stopping them or calling them out. I’m really interested in how we collectively make decisions in a way that includes everybody. As climate change gets worse there will be real challenges that come with that. How well we weather those challenges depends on how quickly we can get our act together, because there is no doubt that people will be leaving their homes because they can’t live there any longer. If in five years’ time the whole of the Global North got itself together, and collectively chose regenerative agriculture, and the soil was sucking up carbon… actually, the future could be very different. We have to stop living like this: there is no choice, we can’t carry on like this. In citizens assemblies, people are trusted to make good decisions, and they completely rise to that trust, and are honest, dependable, think very carefully and collaboratively, and behave the way you would want them to. Justin: The diverse ways of being human are really extraordinary. We are fundamentally really creative. We can create heaven, and we can create hell. People realising that they have got that choice, taking that power back, being trusted with it, and trusting themselves. It’s about recovering who we are. [3/3} #humansofxrscotland 📷@softlightselkie

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