#211 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Clouds

May 2019

Little did we know how much more extreme the weather is going to be….

December 2014

On Boxing day morning there was a review of all the extreme weather we had in 2014 on BBC Breakfast. It was amazing what we had to put up with, and I think it is not clear if that is man-made or if it is just a “normal” climate change happening anyway.

After all the “dark ages” were not named after the decline of wisdom in Europe but after a phase of weather that was dominated by clouds and rain and a decline of temperature.

Well, a poem about the weather is due I think 🙂


clouds over sea
sky over sea
fluffiness of                               vivaciousness
water molecules                                in the sky
                               none           not expected at all
to be seen
but so hoped for
for a long

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