#212 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Year-End Review

May 2019

Maybe a half year review would be a good idea too?

December 2014

Do you review your writing progress at the end of the year?

This week I read an interesting article on “The Write Practice“. “The Write Practice” is a brilliant blog that encourages you to do creative writing for at least 15 min a day, six days a week and offers writing prompts for this writing exercise.

Now, I do not follow that practice as I blog daily which is my “writing practice”, but I get their articles and writing prompts, and they quite often teach me invaluable lessons.

The article I mentioned above was about the benefits of a year-end review of your writing. The aim is to see what worked, what didn’t, what were your themes and let go of your goals for new ones to develop.

I liked that concept and am thinking about doing exactly that even though I would not print out my whole blog. I can understand why Joe Bunting suggests that but I feel that is too much of a fuss.

I feel though that looking back and reading all the poems I have written so far for “A Prompt A Day For Bee” will give me a boost for the last 143 poems.

Therefore, today’s prompt for the poem is “Year-End Review.”


poetic review
and stairs
not many
given prompts
stumbled upons
seven months
of writing
a poem a day
the end
is in sight
and rhyming
for me
is a

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