Why are you so surprised?

June 2019

Other topics might overtake the media right now but we need to keep shouting and that is why I re-post this one time and time again

January 2018

I wrote this post in 2014 after disclosure of “just” another abuse scandal with some celebrities and/or politicians. In 2017 I decided not to write too much about #metoo and the Mr Weinsteins of this world. That was the task of other bloggers.

However, one thing that stood out for me was, that somehow everybody knew about it but no one said anything and those who did suffered badly for it. The silence of western society when it comes to abuse in all its forms makes me cringe every time I think about it.

And I wonder again and again how we dare to call ourselves living in a “civilised” society. There is nothing civilised about using your power to abuse children, women, the elderly, the disabled… you name it.

It still makes me angry.

And that is the reason why I re-post this one.

July 2014

Happisburgh Ligththouse
Lighthouse in Happisburgh, Norfolk, UK

Ah, another never-ending story of abuse.

This time not tv celebrities, but politicians in the UK. Over 20 years or so politicians responsible for care homes and boarding schools supposedly have used their power to abuse children. Care workers who whistleblowed have obviously been silenced and victims have suffered in silence.

One thing I hear time and time again is the words from friends, co-workers and neighbours of the perpetrators: I never expected him/ her to be like that. They are so nice caring/ active in the community….” and it always makes me laugh.

Why the heck are you so surprised?

If you want easy access to children you won’t tell everybody: “Oh, by the way, I am a paedophile and I use my power to f…. your children!” If that side of paedophiles would be known they lose their supply of victims. Of course, they have to come across like law-abiding, caring and very active in social causes because that will give them credit and undoubted trust and with that, they have free access to children and other vulnerable people.

The subconscious image that a paedophile is a mean looking monster sitting in the bushes waiting for your kids is simply a lie. Most abuse happens with adults or older children known to the victims which means they already have the child’s trust.

But for those cases where it is not close family or friends, gaining the trust both of the victim and hisher carers/parents is of utmost importance for the paedophile otherwise no one would let their child/charge be alone with the abuser. If you would suspect anything you would protect your child.

Even though the reaction of these people makes me laugh, I can also understand it. Its just against all morals to abuse a child and you wouldn’t expect it from a “social” person.

But the reality of this supposedly so “civilised” western culture is that trusted adults abuse children. Many of them. Since decades. In horrific ways. And it won’t stop if you close your eyes to that hard truth.

It will only stop if you start believing children instead of paedophile celebrities and politicians and looks out for signs of abuse in your children and then for god’s sake open your mouth and do not stop opening it until your child is safe. Until all children are safe!

Stop Child Abuse NOW!

If you want to know more about Sexual Abuse and how to spot signs of abuse in children look here:

Parents Protect!
American Psychological Association

6 thoughts on “Why are you so surprised?

  1. It really pisses me off too! People get away with it because the people who are being abused are too scared to say anything and the abusers know it! They know they are highly unlikely to get caught so they just keep abusing! Assholes!

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