Blast from the Past: Baking up Inspiration ~ #amwriting

June 2019

I certainly have done enough baking in the last 12 months 😉

December 2017

It’s December and many of us take the time to bake cookies. In June 2014 I wrote about inspiration and baking and it seems a good time to re-post this entry:

June 2014

Do you like baking? I do even though I never do it enough. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day :-).

For me, baking is a very creative process: Besides the fact that you can decorate for example cookies or cakes in many different ways alone the process of creating something delicious out of flour, butter, sugar, eggs and some spices which on their own are not very delicious is fascinating.

In a way that is what writers or bloggers do: Out of some words which on their own would not make any sense or are just not very interesting the author or blogger creates his own voice and paints images in the reader’s mind. What a wonderful thing to do to spend your time?

Baking also has some symbolic meaning in the writing process (if you are into baking that is of course 🙂 ): When I am blocked and cannot get on with my writing or just cannot motivate myself to get on with it I often stop and bake something. My soul and my muse seem to interact with the baking process. Like mixing

the ingredients, putting the dough in a form, baking it and taking it out they seem to mix ideas, images and words together, bringing them into form and then baking them together into something new which usually emerges when I have tried the cake or cookie I baked.

What can be more motivating than a piece of freshly baked cake? Coming back to my question above? Do you like baking? Does it have the same effect on your writing or do you have other symbolic activities that bring back motivation to write or activates your inspiration? Please feel free to share them with me. I am always happy to try out something new :-).

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