Blast from the Past: #262 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Brothers and Sisters

On “Fooling Around With Bee” I wrote “Bothers” at first instead of “Brothers” which made me laugh as I often felt when I was young that my brother was a bother.

Now that we do not have contact since ages I think quite differently about that time and I remember how close we used to be. Life does not go easy often times and I wish my brother the best and that he finds love and all the happiness he deserves.

So today a dedication to my brother and all brothers and sisters around the world.

Description for visually impaired readers: Differently coloured canopy of three trees on left with black writing in middle: Love Is In Da Blog 2015


Life is short.
Never have
realised that
May my brothers
and sisters*
life be
with blessings.
May my brothers
and sisters
life be filled


This post takes part in “Love Is In Da Blog

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