Happy Not-So Wordless Wednesday or Where is my Coffee?

All the video’s I share always have the link to their YouTube location underneath just in case the video doesn’t play in my posts.

Hi friendly people out there, are you ok? Are you as tired as I am?
I have to admit it is Tuesday when I write this and by the time this post goes up I might be fully awake. Well, no, because I schedule them for just before 1am in the UK. I might be up at that time of the day because our neighbours tv often makes sure of it but I certainly won’t be awake. But let’s not go down that route shall we?
Well, I wanted to do a Wordless Wednesday post which would suit my muddled brain but my chocolate-coffee-graving body doesn’t let me. It made me go and get the brownies (“they are old” my brain said “and need using up” 😉 ) and a cup of tea (my stomach has more power than my brain 🙂 and said stomach had enough coffee at the weekend) but maybe you prefer coffee?
So I went to find a coffee related video on YouTube but stumbled over this rendition of Bizet’s Habanera from Carmen:

You might not want to hear it but conscientious people won’t go quietly and let big business destroy our climate and our species.
In this context I feel a bit guilty to come back to the coffee gravings. Coffee is one of the big water wasters and if you live in the UK/Europe adds tons of food miles on top. The husband and I haven’t weaned ourselves yet from coffee and black tea but we are working on it. Or I do 😉
So are there any alternatives to coffee and black tea? Let’s hear what Sarah Keith from World Lifestyle on Skinny Sips has to say:

Not sure I like any of those 😦 . What do you think? Do you have a tasty alternative to coffee or black tea that gives you hat incredible energy boost you need for the morning?
Well, let’s move, shall we? Here is some wisdom by Mr Edison…

“Viele Misserfolge im Leben sind Menschen, die nicht verstanden haben wie nahe sie am Erfolg waren als sie aufgaben.”

Thomas A. Edison Quotes

And for good measure a poem I wrote on a first many, many moons ago 🙂
July 2019
Ok, this is certainly not one of my best poems. Makes not much sense to me now. But for an explanation: It was written on the first of March 2015 and published on the second. I know, I know, I should have planned these re-posts 😉
March 2015
Pinch, Punch, First of the Month
the first
will the
close up of bee
So, my dear friends. I release you to your daily lives or sleeps depending on when you read and where you are. Hope your day or night rocks, gives you the energy you need and makes you feel like the goddess or god that you are 😉
Love & Rage

PS: I have no idea why my posts don’t get the layout right. Maybe I have to move to the dreaded new WP editor 😦

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