Of Rebels and Mice

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image of Bill Mollison and a quote
Image source: Liberation Permaculture

Hello my dear friends, how is your Saturday going? I hope life is treating you kindly and if not make sure you have a big pot of ice-cream close by 😉 .

Have you heard of the Summer Rebellion?

video credit: XR on YouTube

Yes, Extinction Rebellion is at it again. At least here in the UK, they are being creative in voicing their concerns for our planet, its creatures and people in five different places.

I have to admit I have to catch up a little. Lately, I keep away from the news as much as I can because they just frustrate me. The amount of bulls… that some so-called politicians talk in their quest for power is unbelievable. It affects me in bad ways so I try to keep away and rather do positive and healing things like weeding the garden or writing blog posts.                              🙂

But there is a fight to be fought. You might not believe in it but the climate is changing in ways that it never has changed before and it will disrupt your life and your livelihood very soon in more profound ways than Extinction Rebellion ever an if we do not change our ways.

video credit: Life Noggin’ via YouTube

But maybe Extinction Rebellions Summer Rebellion was just not so much in the news because they have become the new “normal” and we are just not so interested anymore? Or maybe we just do not want to face the fact that the way we live isn’t sustainable?

Well, for forty years or so we have been told by everybody who wants to sell us something that “convenience” is the most important value of our time. We have to cook, clean and garden less but to buy more to be happy. But we do not get happier with buying more. In fact, mental health issues have risen so enormously which of course helps those who support the mantra “buy more to be happier”.

But how does a Summer Rebellion help against that?

Well, if you have a look at Extinction Rebellions YouTube Channel and listen to what many Rebells say it is this: “I am happy for the first time in years. I feel I do something that is worthwhile.”

For me, they stand for a new value: Sustainability instead of convenience. When it comes to happiness they don’t call it sustainability but “Regenerative Culture”. Extinction Rebellion is taking into account that fighting for a change in society takes its toll. It also takes its toll if we live the rat race to buy more and live less.

If we want to create change and if we want to take responsibility for our actions than we have to deal with feelings of grief, guilt and helplessness. Humans aren’t machines that can change from one setting to another. To change society and to change yourself you need to take care of your feelings and your body and your mind. You can’t just charge ahead regardless.

Video Credit: XR on YouTube

That is why Extinction Rebellion offers a regenerative area in their rebellions in which you can take part in yoga, have your face painted or find a quiet space for meditation. All actions of self-care that are good for your mind and body. That is one part of the Rebellion that I believe will help to create a society that makes it possible for all to live well.

But Regenerative Culture means much more:

Video Credit: Upward Spirals via YouTube

“Regenerative Culture” means sharing, making sure whatever we take is replenished and we take care of everything and everybody. Something many of us wanted all along but we were told: “That’s not how the world works!” Well, to me, it looks like the world changes and soon this is how the world works.

Let’s help to make this dream come true!

What do you think? Is “Regenerative Culture” something to aspire for or just an idea of dreamers?

And then there was a mouse 🙂

This haiku made me smile and I also fondly remembered the house we used to live in and our landlord and landlady. They were wonderful and it was a beautiful place to live in. Unfortunately, now we have to deal with rats instead of mice 😉

March 2015

It was nice on Thursday. Not too cold and the sun was shining at lunch time, so I went out and did some weeding. There are two flower beds behind our house that seemed to have been lawn and easily grow over.

Lots of grass was there, some flowers that multiply so much you need to get rid of them and the odd thing I have no idea what it is. I sat on my heels ripping on the grass, and suddenly something grey scurried from between my feet into the flower bed. It sat there for a second and then was gone.

A little mouse had honoured me with her presence. Not that I like to have mice in the garden, but I suspect it happens when you live in the countryside. I’ve never come that close to a mouse. I bet I scared the life out of her or him.

Well, as an apology I thought I dedicate a haiku or a poem to the mouse 🙂

Buddha statue beside a palm-like plant on a stone slap area with a round stone slab in form of a sun

grey flurry 

between my feet


summer sky

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Have a wonderful day and don’t forget
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