Happy Music Monday Everybody!

Happy Music Monday, everybody. I am making it short today. My blast from the past from March 2015 and the fitting song 😉

Monday is just starting for me and I am still asleep as I scheduled this post. But it made me laugh when I scheduled it and that is a good thing.  The link, later on, is in German. It tells me that I am born at an Austrian National Holiday. Who knew. It also appears that today I am 17.801 days old. (17.739 on the day I scheduled this post plus 62 days. Let’s see if I could count properly 😉 )

And how ironic: Apparently, “A Song of Joy” was number one in that week in Germany which is Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” but in a popular version by Miguel Rios. In one explanation my name Beatrice means “She who brings Joy”. But I looked it up and there are several other meanings from “voyager through life” to “Blesses”. I like the joy version and it fits so nicely with the Music choice in Germany that week :-). So, please enjoy my scribblings in 2015.

March 2015

For me, Monday is already over. Some of you probably already get up for Tuesday, and some have just gotten up to start the new week.

I find this quite mind-boggling: We are so connected today with the internet that we realise how different time is in different places on Earth.

I was born on a Monday. Apparently, Muhammed Ali fought against Jerry Quarry on that day. It also seemed to have been the Austrian National Day. I am as old as Takanobu Okabe (he is a Japanese ski jumper just in case you don’t know 😉 ) and last Thursday I was 16.201 days old. (Source ).

For nearly three years, I had practically all Mondays off. It was nice to start the week like that, and it was nice as long as it lasted. Now I can hole heartedly sing: “I don’t know why I don’t like Mondays” even though I  know exactly why ;-).

Does it look to you like I don’t know what I am talking about? Well, you might be right but never mind 😉

video credit: Boomtown Rats via YouTube




And never get

Your relief

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May you have a wonderful week and happy Monday

Love & Rage my friends Love & Rage


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