Of Gates of Hell, Good News & PodCasts

Hello my good people of WordPress and wherever you might blog or read blogs. How are you doing my dears? I am nearly asleep. Done the bad step to put Farmville2 back on my phone and couldn’t stop playing last night. But we got up at 4am to allow a dog walk while it is still cool (in fact I’ve been freezing at the beach) and even two strong Italian Style coffees can’t keep the yawns from my mouth.

Of Gates of Hell

And then I thought I am dreaming. Well, having nightmares really. I wrote over at Therapybits:

The ArchBrexiteer is in Number Ten now and I had to laugh out loud when I read this Tweet (link goes to my retweet):

“Everyone thinks it’s a #Heatwave hitting the UK. But in fact it’s the Gates of Hell opening for Boris Johnson getting into number 10. #BorisDay
by @watchallirish (sorry Carol Anne I didn’t choose his Twittername 😉 ).”
No, don’t worry I am not going down that road. Most of you know anyway how I feel about Brexit and you can read my rather bad poetic take on today here on Carol Anne’s Blog.

Of Good News

What is the best thing to do when you hear bad news? Counter them with good news and aren’t we lucky today? It is Tuesday so off we go and find some Good News 😉 .
In times like these when many people feel their religion is better than that of another and many more want to put up walls, fences and other dividing devices this award in the US is brilliant:
Even though I have to admit I find it rather ironic that the country with the man in the White House who says nasty things about Muslims on a continuous basis honors a very brave man and Imam:
Imam Abubakar Abdullahi, hid 262 Christian farmers in his home and Mosque in 2018 when their fellow Islamic farmers went on an attack spree. What a hero!
In my opinion, this is such an important thing to report as the media seems to only show radicalized Muslim Imams (yes I know there are no other Imams …. ) who spread as much hate as some of our egotistic Western and so-called Christian leaders.
There are decent religious leaders in all religions and I think it is time we shout their deeds and wisdom from the rooftops or from our blogs!

Of PodCasts

In other news, The Bee has discovered PodCasts. I know, I know I am rather late but somehow it escaped my attention how many cool bits to listen to are out there!
It’s all the BBC’s fault which advertised “Forest 404” on TV. This is an intriguing PodCast by BBC Sounds about the future, AI and how forests and in fact all wildlife got extinct. It is accompanied by talks from scientists about climate change and soundscapes that make you experience the story in more depth. It was one of the coolest things I ever heard!
I have to admit though I haven’t figured out yet where else I could listen to them and where to find any that I like. “BrexitCast” is the only other series I am listening to on a regular basis (only when I scrape the paint from our bathroom walls though. Yes, The Bee develops expertise in renovating a home 😉 ) And I tried one which is called TED Radio Hour.
So my question for you my dear friends today is: Do you listen to PodCasts and can you suggest any interesting ones to me? 
That’s it for today. No, it’s not 🙂
of course, there is also a little “Blast from the Past”:

July 2019

Please forgive my bad planning of my re-posts 🙂 but maybe I like remembering spring?

March 2015

There was a time when Twitter was not connected with an information service or social network but only with the sounds birds make.

Some of us might already have the pleasure of spring approaching. Yes, I know it is still another 10 days until spring officially starts (no not meteorologically that was on the first I think) and I also know I am only speaking for the Northern Hemisphere but still: It’s getting warmer, and at least I do hear more and more birds tweeting around in the morning.

I think that’s great. For me, that is clearly a sign that warmer days (hopefully) will come soon, and life will feel a little easier. It’s also a sign that not all tweeting happens on Twitter ;-).

image of a butterdish with a blue and a green bird on it
Description for visually impaired readers: Orange butterdish with four quirky birds on it. two are blue and another two are green one each on either side


steaming mug in my hands
my spring ritual
sunshine on my face
but still
wrapped up warmly
a robin hops around
For my friends on the Southern Hemisphere: I promise you an autumn poem for tomorrow 🙂

And just in case you don’t have enough yet from reading blog posts here some suggestions:

Here are some of the bloggers I visit:

Karen Deanna Joyce


And for my German-speaking readers:

DGHDEAnd please be so kind and share my Dreamstime profile where I sell some of my photos. You can find it here (its an affiliate link btw)

Bee Halton on Dreamstime

See you later alligators …. 😉 and don’t forget:

Love & Rage my friends Love & Rage

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