Of Young Women, Radicalisation and the Western World

July 2019

And we still haven’t learned anything.

We know now what happened to those three young women who left the UK in Spring 2015 to join the so-called Islamic State in Syria. I am still not sure what to think about them. Especially as the young woman who tries to come back to the UK didn’t seem to have any regrets in the beginning. But we do not know how much she was brainwashed. At first, I despised her and agreed with Sajeed David’s decision to take away her British Nationality. But thinking about it further I realised that this was the wrong decision. I assume she was brainwashed into the belief that western countries do not care about Muslim women. To take away her British nationality proved that narrative right. We had a short moment to take that young woman back and give her a chance and to learn why she went. To learn from the mistakes that Western society obviously makes when it comes to the young people of religious and ethnic minorities.  The so-called Islamic State is far from gone even though the orange man in the White House wants us to believe they are done and dusted. The danger is that this young woman will make sure she’ll help them further. Thankfully she’ll receive legal aid to fight the foreign office’s decision. And hopefully, she’ll turn her experiences around towards something positive…

I believe that preventing radicalisation is far more efficient than de-radicalisation, meaning stopping someone joining is a lot easier than trying to pull someone out once they’ve joined. —Maajid Nawaz
photo credit: idle hearts

March 2015

I think I might be getting old:

I was watching the drama that unfolds with these three young women going to Syria to “fight” for IS with utter disbelieve. Three young girls, supposedly A students, who had the chance of free education, of enough food and a roof over their head and all the freedoms that European states give their citizens, go and want to support the cruellest and life-hating organisation I have ever seen.

How can you believe, an organisation that tries to bring back medieval punishments and kill people who help others just because they are of another religion and country, will bring justice to Syria and other troubled countries?

Well, I know when you are young and passionate about something you are brainwashed quite easily into doing something stupid but sorry, you cannot be so stupid even when you are young.

What do these girls think these people are doing with them? Embrace them with open arms? Open trousers more likely!

Is that what those before us who have fought for women’s rights have gone to prison for or even died for? That young women today go and blow themselves up to make a point or go back to a medieval way of life? What the h… is going on?

These girls make me sad and angry. They could do so much good if they had connected themselves with organisations who keep human rights in high regards. They could have changed something. Now they will only be used for God only knows what.

Where has democracy and education come to that young people feel so alienated to the countries they grew up in that they feel the need to run away and do medieval, cruel and life-hating things just to get a feeling of belonging?

Western societies should be ashamed of themselves.

video credit: The Times and the Sunday Times via YouTube

what is freedom?
freedom to kill?
freedom to rape?
freedom to cage?
freedom to scare?
freedom to enslave?
what is freedom?

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    1. 😚🙋‍♀️🐝 not sure tjough how especially in the case of these girls. Why on earth would you give up western freedom for some brutish interpretation of religion? Will need to read much more about her to fi d tjis answer 😚🙋‍♀️🐝

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