Bee’s Poem of the Day: There are Days

There are days that are hard to live. There are days that have a trail of sadness behind them. There are days which repeat themselves year after year.

Today is such a day.

36 years ago my mother passed away and the pain sometimes is still raw. At TherapyBits I wrote that time does not heal everything but you learn to live with it.

And so I live and remember and incorporate the pain into the essence of who I am.

That day is the source of my poetry. That’s the day I shattered into a million pieces and I still try to bring them back together.

There are days which hurt

So deeply you cannot hide

Those butterflies dance

So come with me. Let’s dance with those butterflies and let’s rise above our pain.

No matter what’s hurting you or what has shattered you: you are a beautiful being and worth all the love you can give yourself. My blessings are with you…

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