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Hello good people of the blogosphere, how are you faring? I hope life is treating you well and if not you know my good vibes are on your side.

Not quite sure how to start this post even though I have started it several times over the last couple of weeks in my head while doing life as it happens.

I am uneasy. My mind goes into all sorts of dark corners and I don’t like it. The best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world and I have often said lately that we can’t believe what is going on in this world. That Britain has never been so angry and racist, that after the wall came down we thought there is actually hope and we certainly never expected someone like him whom we shall not name in the White House.

I’ve spent many a blogpost ranting and raving about what is wrong with this world but there was also a time when I was looking for visions for a new and better world. Just couldn’t find one that made me think “That’s it!” And then there was that thought. I can’t remember when it came to me. Maybe it fell into my consciousness like the thistle seed falls onto the ground and takes root. Once it’s there you can hardly ever get rid of it.

That thought is “What if what we need now isn’t love but dreams?”. What if imagining what we would like this world to be would lead to it becoming reality? After all, Dreamtime is a concept that lives in Australia since millenia. Well, looking the term up shows that like so often it was a mistranslation. Never mind.

Didn’t Descarte dream something and came up with a scientific method??? I am sure the inventor of peanut butter dreamed it and apparently the inventors of the sewing machine and the Terminator too. I know these examples are rather random but still, there must be something about dreaming that brings us to creating stuff.

I am also just simply sick and tired of hearing, reading or thinking about him we shall not name in the White House and consorts. All these ponderings brought me to the conclusion that I need to become positive and why not just write down what I do want. How the world according to the Bee would look like.

I would start with John Lennons suggestion to imagine there are no countries. In my opinion, they are just inventions anyway and as countries like Poland and Belgium show can be changed in the blink of an eye. They are certainly not god-given and in my opinion the root of all evil. “Nothing to kill or die for…” as John Lennon puts it, wouldn’t that be glorious?

It’s difficult for me to understand how humans can believe they have a right to the land they were born to. It’s utterly random. You might as well have been born at the other end of the world so why do you think just being born there gives you the right to throw others out when it suits you or not share the wealth you have?

Wealth! That would not exist in my world. No one would be allowed to inherit anything from anyone. Well, besides the DNA from your parents, of course, but hey we can’t do anything about that. All have to start from zero and make their way with their own abilities and strengths.

Not sure though I can imagine a world without money. Somehow I can’t imagine that even though I have often written that the internet, in my opinion, gives us the possibility to trade directly and therefore we could barter with each other. So, if I, for example, need bananas and the person who has bananas needs someone to teach his or her kids English or German we have a deal. We would probably have to lose the idea of something being of worth and how much that worth is. Is it possible to just exchange goods and services on the basis of our needs?

In my world, the rite of passage would be to move to other side of the world and find out how people live there. Find out what makes them tick and how they feel about stuff. I would like young people to understand that everybody no matter where we come from just want to make a living and give our children a better future. This would also help a youngster to find out who they are themselves and what they would like to do with their life. Oh yes, after that year away they would need to become an eremite for some time so they have the quiet to understand what their path in life is.

The Bee’s World would give everybody the chance to do what they feel they are good at. With the internet, we can exchange things and services directly so it shouldn’t matter if all carpenters live in London and all teachers in Tokyo. Well, there is, of course, the problem of the climate. But in my world, we are sustainable and have invented transport that doesn’t rely on CO2 emissions. We would use renewable energy and sustainability would be our value, not convenience.

And we would respect that everybody has beliefs and that all these beliefs have value. But they would need to be based on human rights. So if your belief is “I can rape women and children” then hell no your belief has no value whatsoever. Also, human rights mean human rights and not the right of white people or males. If you are a human you have the right no matter the gender or race.

I like Extinction Rebellions idea of peoples assemblies as the form of organisation very much. People meet and get advice from specialists on the topic they have to decide on. But if there would be politicians they would have to come from the area they are responsible for. So agriculture ministers would be farmers, shepherds, gardeners etc. And they would need to spend at least one month a year working in the area they are responsible for to keep in touch with life.

Oh, and there would be no prisons. I am not so naive that I think there won’t be any people who have some criminal energy in them and live that energy too. But I think there are other ways of dealing with their wrong-doing. Community work, education and mental health treatment should do the trick depending on what the problem for that person is.

An then there is the problem of power. My experience of humans is that we often do stuff because we want to feel secure and to do that we feel we need to have power over the people around us. I have come to believe that this is a problem of our brains. There is this ancient part often called our lizard brain which mainly works on instinct but has that idea that we need to fight for our survival and maybe makes us believe a situation is a threat while in reality, it isn’t. I also believe that newspapers like “The Sun” and populists like Marie LePen barter to that lizard part of our brains. They know exactly that we automatically react rather intense on any perceived threat and so they create an image of threat around the topic they want to change. And then gain power. Maybe we need to learn from the good old Vulcans and learn to master that Lizard brain with meditation and mindfulness maybe to avoid believing these people.

These are just some of my random thoughts on how my world would look like. I often wish lately we could come together and dream about a world that would give all of us what we need and where we have saved this planet and keep it flourishing. Bringing all our ideas together and shape our future on what we want not what we don’t want. I wish we would believe that it is possible and that we can save our species from extinction because right now I am not so sure we can save ourselves.

But something big is coming. I can feel it in my bones but what it is isn’t formed yet. My intuition tells me that the coming months are essential on how this big thing, how our future is shaping up and I wish we would all sent our positive ideas towards this future instead of concentrating on the gods of our shrinking universes. They don’t deserve our energy. Our future does though.

Video Credit: Muse via YouTube

5 thoughts on “Imagine…

  1. Thank you for your writings, Bee. I feel your heart, frustration, and I truly grieve for our world and the hatred that is seen from people’s hearts. I have stopped watching much of the news because of the bias and the fueled agendas, as you mentioned. Unfortunately, we live in a sinful world. The ideal is of course one unionized country where everyone loves one another, but when man’s heart is not set on God, we are then deceived to believe that things or particular leaders of this world will save us and make us happy and “safe” (money, power, sex, etc.) These things aren’t bad, they were just created things. They were created by a loving Father, but when they are worshiped or idolized, we take away from the One who truly was meant to be worshiped, and our visions and hearts are drawn to thinking that these things will save us. They never have and never will. God shows us how to truly love one another. We can’t place our hope in things or people in this world, but we have to set our hope on something higher. When that hope is set on Him, He shows us how to love one another in a way that can only be from Him, not from ourselves, not from a political view, not from a group ideology, but from a God who loves us. My longing is for all to know the love of God because He is truly the One who changes our hearts and minds to love not with just words, but with action and deed. He loved us so much that He sent His Son for us, so that we could have a right relationships with Him. Because without Jesus, no good works, no “good” thing that comes from our mouths, or actions are parallel to a holy and righteous God. We can’t save ourselves. He desires a relationship, and He paid the ultimate price so that we could be in relationship with Him. His love is demonstrated through Jesus. And Jesus changes everything. Unfortunately, when our views are skewed and turned away from God, so do our decisions, thoughts, and motivations (this is true of those who claim to know God, but as we’ve seen in plenty, their hearts aren’t in relationship with Him, and they go their own way with their desires and motivations that hurt others & themselves). When we are turned to God, we learn to love like Him. I feel your heart, Bee in this post. I agree with so much of it, and I desire for a better world too. I hope that we can learn to listen to one another a little better and love a little stronger. God bless!

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    1. And thank you for reading. I agree we certainly need much more understanding and loving each other. We’ll learn I guess. Just in different ways. May you have a blessed day ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ

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