Learning a language on the go…

August 2019

I have worked with Duolingo for over four years now and I still love it. However, I don’t believe anymore you learn a language fully with this app. It is brilliant to get you started with a language and teaches you the basics well but if you want to go further and learn more I would suggest you try out places like iTalki. If you are interested then this page on Fluentu gives you an overview of 49 webpages that teaches languages for all budgets.

April 2015

On Saturday my boss and I were talking about languages. She asked me how many languages I speak besides German and English and I told her that I learned French at school and had done a Dutch course as well. Then I remembered that I had started Spanish on the internet but somehow I never got on with these languages.

It did occupy me though a lot and on Sunday when I had some time I had a look on my phone if there’s an app for that lol. And of course, there is. It is called Duolingo and you can reach it via their homepage on your laptop or computer as well.

Duolingo is a free language learning app which offers several languages for English speakers. I started with French but as I had it quite a while in school I did not feel challenged enough. So I started Dutch and Spanish as well.

This app is brilliant as it teaches you everyday words and expressions via listening, reading and writing. You can set yourself a goal for how many xp you want to achieve per day and it sends you reminders via email if you’ve forgotten to have a look.

Believe it or not but I can say: “I am a woman” in five languages now lol. What an achievement!!!!!!

Duolingo is really fun and that is the best way to learn a language I believe. So if you had thought about refreshing some language you had learned in school or want to learn a new one: Go and signed up for Duolingo and get started!

10 thoughts on “Learning a language on the go…

      1. 🤣 I said, “You are the woman! Keep it up and some day we will have a conversation in Spanish.” You make me laugh … something I much needed to do, so … dankeschön … and gracias!

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  1. I am currently taking a course on effective learning strategies and one focus in on learning new languages. Practice is important as duolingo gives. I have tried and it is quite good. And the course also suggests to reflect on the language between practices to solidify the patterns being learned in the mind.

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    1. That makes utter sense. I often tried to say or think every day sentences in the new language and if I don’t have the vocabulary look it up. Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙋‍♀️🐝


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