How to save money and still bake delicious cakes and cookies

3 thoughts on “How to save money and still bake delicious cakes and cookies”

  1. Great advice with the vanilla, it is becoming very expensive to buy today. I prefer to use the vanilla beans clean, it gives another taste, but it is very expensive. Today I don’t use much a year, so I buy the beans, when I need them.
    I don’t know the rules for farmers in UK, but if you are able to buy eggs directly from a local farmer, you will have a chance to know, how the hens are living and what they get to eat, when you buy these eggs. For me this is important because of allergies, but it is not allowed to buy directly from any farmers here in Spain. I did in Denmark.


    1. Here in the UK the farmers are allowed to and in our experience their eggs are a lot cheaper than those you can buy in the supermarket. I’ve never baked with just with vanilla beans. I think I need to try that out. Thanks for visiting.


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