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September 2019

That is a really great magazine and I am gifting myself with another subscription when I got a new job! Their homepage has changed a little, that is why the links don’t work anymore but this post gives you an insight on how it was. It’s definitely a great resource for women writers.

November 2014

I spend a lot of time in the World Wide Web. I love to scour Twitter, Facebook and Google for resources for writers and there is not a lot that makes me really excited. Today’s FREE resource though is different:


Mslexia is a magazine for women writers which offers information about writing in general, publishing, on- and off-line resources as well as agents. Their homepage is a well of information if you want to publish in the UK.

The Magazine amazed me

They have amazed me so much, that I allowed myself an early Christmas present (or late birthday present 🙂 ): I signed up for a one-year digital subscription on the magazine. If you have an iPhone or Android phone you can even read the magazine on your phone. The subscription gives you the opportunity to browse older editions as well.

Great resources for writers

But I digress: Why is it such a great resource for writers (and yes men will find useful information too!)?

Mslexia’s resources page is one of the most comprehensive I have ever seen. First on the list is the writer’s tip: Right now, it offers insight on how to write non-fiction and is aimed at poets and/or prose writers.

Spotlight on

Next, they put the spotlight on literary magazines, publishers and more interesting discoveries on the web: Both the literary magazine page and the publisher pages gives you a broad list of UK-based you-need-know-if-you-write publishing opportunities. A short explanation tells you what the organisation exactly does which ends with the link to their page.

On the web

“On the web” gives you anything from an app to block your internet connection to get you writing instead of browsing; over dating for book lovers to communities for writers. This is a well of miscellaneous pages that can make your writing life more intense and fun.

There is more

But there is more: Look at the left-hand side to the “Key resources” area which offers you links to agents, reference books and societies/organsiations. All three links are the same layout as the publishers and magazines pages: a short description to each book, organisation and agent and after that the link to their homepages.

A must

Mslexia resources page is a must for writers who want to publish and work in the UK. But not only for those who are already in the business. They offer you great advice and help if you are just starting to get into the publishing world of the UK.

What do you think?

Are you a subscriber to Mslexia? Did you have a look at their resources page? Then please let me know what you think about the magazine and the resources page. Thanks!



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