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September 2019

Today I mainly use Grammarly and also try to learn as much grammar by heart that I can recognise mistakes without a helper. I also forgot totally about Reverso which could help me with my other languages. Do you use a Grammar check? Which do you use and what are your experiences?

November 2014

Do you use a spell checker?

I do. On and off. No matter how good those are they do have their limitations. If you like to use a little unusual language most spell checks are overtaxed. Most spell checks also are not really able to check for the right use of comma’s which is one of my biggest problems.

What to do then? Not use any? Pay for them? Learn proper grammar?

Well, I actually tend to do the latter as no spell check can be as accurate as someone who has learned his letters and punctuation marks. For that I have bought “English Grammar for Dummies” but to be honest I have not gotten very far with it yet.

So, I still use the online spell and grammar checks no matter how limited they are. The latest on my tryouts is Reverso’s spell check.

Reverso is actually a portal for linguistic tools including translation, dictionary, conjugation and grammar. It is free and financed by advertising which is not too intrusive. The languages supported are  French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese.

The translation and conjugation tools are pretty easy to use and are a great help as they support a variety of languages important in today’s writing and the online world. The spell check, on the other hand, needs some getting used to:

The ones I have used so far (Grammarly (you have to pay for full use), and Paperrater) offer you suggestions on how to change your text but do not change it automatically. You can change what you want which is handy when you use unusual language or maybe foreign language words.

Reverso, unfortunately, changes automatically what they think is wrong and you have to click on the word to get it back to its original form. That is not very practical. On the other hand, though they offer you a good explanation, why they chose the new word and what it means when you click on it. This can teach you a lot.

You can also only check a word count of 600 which is annoying if you write longer texts. But I have a feeling that others, who allow more words, are overtaxed with it and miss important mistakes. Therefore, I rather split my longer texts and check them bit by bit.

One thing I really like about Reverso is its conjugation tool: Key in a word and it gives you all the possible conjugations. There are some that I still get wrong so this will be one of my newest favourite tools.

The best thing is: You try it out for yourself and figure which part of Reverso helps you the best. And if you have found the perfect grammar check: Please let me know! 😉


4 thoughts on “FREE Writing Resources ~ Reverso Spell Check

  1. I use Grammarly when I’m not in too big of a time crunch, and I do all my writing in MS Word, which has a decent spell/grammar check function. Plus, I have an after-post editor who catches whatever else I miss. He smells typos and grammar problems a mile away! I’ve never heard of Reverso, but I will check it out! 🙋

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    1. I think Reverso works still at least it did when I checked in June. Grammarly is better with the paid version. At the moment I have the free one and try to figure out myself what else they flag but dont correct 🙋‍♀️🐝

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