Good Morning Writers! I know it’s early but some ideas for Christmas

September 2019

I know Christmas is still a little away but if you want to join in this idea from 2014 you might want to start now 🙂

December 2014 

How are you doing? How is your writing going? Are you scribbling along nicely or are you lagging behind? Maybe you need a creative break and do a little project to make a friend happy.

There is a tradition in Germany at Christmas time: Children get a little calendar with chocolates. You find one chocolate per day behind a little door with the number of the day on it and it starts on December 1st. Of course, German children get their presents in the afternoon or evening on the 24th so that is the number of chocolates available.

Creative families make their own. One example is to make little bags with the numbers of the day on them and fill them with goodies, which need not be chocolate. It can be a clementine, a rubber ducky or a ring. Any trinket that makes your child happy. All those bags are knotted on a string and hung up in the living room and the child can open one a day.

I used to do my own “writers” version when I first came to Great Britain but not for a child but for my grandmother, who missed me terribly. So I wrote her a postcard every day with a little message or story and send it to her via post one a day. She loved it and it made me happy to make her happy. Besides that: It gave me an awful lot of ideas for writing. I have also done an e-card version for friends, which was a little easier because you do not need to post in time and can schedule the sending.

No matter which you like to choose: it just gives your creativity a boost as you look around for little stories, finding trinkets and get creative in another way than your usual one. And it is great fun. So for this week I invite you to just go for it: find written or other trinkets to make someone happy but at the same time give your creativity a break and a boost.

Some ideas for Advent Calendars:

Create one for your page: Online Adventcalendar

Creative Life In Between: Easy DIY Advent Calendar

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