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September 2019

It’s not last weeks post as I am not following my old post schedule. I am just working all over the place and this week will be lots of writing resources. Hope you enjoy anyway!

December 2014

In last week’s post, I came out with my trouble with comma’s.

When I have been using grammar checks, which were good with spotting my writing issues, it was usually a missing comma. Funnily, I have the same problem in German.

Last week I suggested to you to try out Reverso which has many helpful language tools but I could not find anything helping me with my comma problem. Therefore, I have gone on a little expedition in the World Wide Web and stumbled over the BBC’s Skillwise page, which is designed to help adults learn English and Maths.

On the homepage, you can choose to go to the Maths or the English area. It is easy to understand no matter your English ability as they work with pictures and it also gives you the opportunity to go to other useful pages. Once arrived at the English page you are offered six topics: reading, writing, spelling, word grammar, sentence grammar and listening and speaking. Everything is kept in blue shades and in a clear design, which makes it really easy to find your way around.

I have chosen “Sentence Grammar” and am not only offered the four parts as pictures but also as links in a toolbar on the upper end of the page. Here I can decide to learn about punctuation, sentence structure, varieties of English, tenses and getting and giving clear instructions. This last topic sounds a little funny at first but the page is aimed at adults, who need English in a job environment. Therefore, “instructions” are very important.

Of course, I dragged myself down the punctuation lane and again was greeted with a clean cut page that offers a little video on why punctuation is important, three entry levels for punctuation explanations and games & videos. This last part interested me the most, as I know the use of punctuation marks in theory, it is actually using them, that gives me trouble.

Ah, there is a little child in all of us and so nothing can help you better to learn your comma’s than a game. An “adult” game after all as it is “Going to work with comma’s game” where you have to figure out where to set comma’s in a different sentence. The setting is: you starting a new job and having to write down what you have done on the first day. “And” is connecting your tasks and you are asked to erase the not necessary “and”, which ends in the game setting commas instead.

This is a fun little game which helps you to understand the basic use of comma’s in lists but unfortunately not the way to use them to mark out less important parts of sentences. No matter what: this is a great page to double check your English language ability and if you are a non-native English speaker, it can certainly enlighten you about one or the other trick the language has to offer.

BBC Skillwise


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