Blast from the Past: 2014 ~ The Year of the Selfie

September 2019

Funny that I stumble over this post in the year that I do more selfies. The reason I do them is to make a stand for being “natural” and happy with all your frizzy hair and your laughing lines around your eyes. I have to admit I am rather appalled by many of the (in my opinion) show-off selfies so many people put on the net and make our youngsters feel like they are not enough. I admit I am far from perfect and make my fair share of comments about other peoples looks but at the same time I want to change and be a change. So here my thoughts on selfies in 2014

December 2014

2014 was the year of the selfie according to BBC Breakfast and Twitter. Therefore, I thought I give my contribution even though the Queen did not photobomb my shoot ;-).

I also decided against one of those selfie sticks that are so highly regarded in certain cities and countries. As it happened we could not walk anywhere in London without being pocked by one of those….. :-(.

Never mind. I am old enough to remember when people asked total strangers to take a photo of them when they were on holidays and the whole family wanted to be on the picture in front of this or that landmark. I also remember when one had to put a film roll into a camera…. Good grief I am old. And here is the proof 😉


This is from 2019 not 2014 😉

close-up of Bee with her Skipworth Zoomie mug in front of her face
close-up of Bee with her Skipworth Zoomie mug in front of her face

2 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: 2014 ~ The Year of the Selfie

  1. Funny post, Bee.
    I’m not good for this with taking selfies. About a year ago or so, I always sent photos of my dog, cats and the nature to my kids and one day, I think I changed my hair or so and sent them a photo of this. From that day they told me to take more selfies and I don’t like to…

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