Blast from the Past: Three songs to get you and me writing ~ Good Morning Writers!

October 2019
If only I would write more nowadays…
June 2015
How is your writing going? Are you stuck on a paragraph in your novel or expression for your poem? Or are you in the flow?
I’m a little bit of everything lately: from writing like mad for hours to not a word in a day. I guess, this is how a writing life shapes itself. You have the deserted times when it just doesn’t work or the overflowing times.

Writing with music?

I just switched my music list on YouTube off because it started to distract me. Quiet time was what I needed to get the idea for this post going. But that is not how it is all the time. I usually start my writing day with the #amwriting/Schreiben list on YouTube. 
It seems to be my kick-off to get into the flow. Some days it stays on all the time. Some days like today, I switch it off after a while. And some days I just make it a little quieter.

Music to get me writing


So what music does get me into writing? Well, to be honest, I listen to a little bit of everything besides brass music and any fascist music groups whatever their style. My husband and his kids often shake their heads when I happily type along to Nancy Sinatra or Lynn Anderson (even though these are in a not public extra list…). 
If I’m in a bad mood and don’t really want to write, it has to be a little harder. I do some headbanging to Seether, Linkin Park or Evanescence and kick the sofa… (yea you wish…) . When I sit down after that something does come up.
And there are times when it has to be classical and meditative: then I switch to Bach, Merlin’s Magic and Vivaldi. That does not happen very often though.

Three songs to get me writing

If I try to narrow it down to three songs that really get me into writing then it would be these three (for now):


  • Broken by Seether feat. Amy Lee
  • Skyfall by Adele
  • Halte Durch by Xavier Naidoo
video credit: Adele on YouTube

Why those three songs?

Don’t ask me why! I have no idea whatsoever why it is these three songs that get me into the mood and my muse working right now. I believe though that there are some things you do not need to ponder too much. Just be grateful and accept that there is a gift in your life that gets you to do what you need to do.
And yes I wrote: “right now” because these three songs change every now and then. I add and delete songs from my #amwriting/Schreiben list as I go along probably to keep it fresh and my writing mind in action.

What is the music that gets you to write?

Do you care to share your three songs that get you writing no matter what? Or are you one of those reclusive writers who can only do it in silence? I would love to hear from you.
There is also a great post on “The Write Life” about “Music to listen to when writing“.

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