Blast from the Past: Guest Post: How to Avoid the Rejection Blues by Vacen Taylor

October 2019

Wow, this was long ago…

June 2015

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Today I’m delighted to introduce you to VacenTaylor author of the “Starchild Series” who has agreed to a guest post about the rejection blues. Those who have been looking for more or less traditional publishing opportunities already know it and those who have not yet fear it. But there are ways to deal with it and Vacenhas good advice to offer you.
But enough of the introduction. Here is what VacenTaylor has to say:

How to Avoid the Rejection Blues

I’ve never been a great believer in avoiding anything. For me, life has always been about encountering, not avoiding. The rejection blues is no different. The basic principle behind my thoughts about this subject comes from when I was studying counselling. And perhaps, I should rearrange the title of this blog to: “How to Encounter the Rejection Blues and Move Forward”.

Don’t think for a minute I haven’t received a rejection letter. I also don’t want you to think that I haven’t experienced the rejection blues. I have experienced both many times. Yes, I know that feeling of disappointment. The lowering of my head, shoulders slumping and that sinking feeling as my eyes travel over every word of the rejection letter.

Dear Vacen,

Thank you again for the opportunity to consider your manuscript, and for your patience in awaiting our response.

We have given your submission serious attention and even though your work is intriguing, unfortunately we have decided not to pursue it further.

Yours Faithfully,

Blah & Blah.

STOP! Just for a moment. Feel all of that? This is where I tend to do things differently to what others will tell you. They might say, “Don’t worry about it.” Or they might say, “It’s subjective, just get over it.”

I say allow yourself to feel the way you need to. However, we are talking about feelings, not thoughts. These are two different things entirely. If you feel sad then allow yourself some time to feel sad. If you feel angry then allow yourself some time to feel angry. Do not, I repeat, do not dismiss those feelings. Experiencing these feelings is the very best way to allow yourself to pass through the stages of a rejection. It can be much like grief and loss in a way.

In my opinion it is best to concentrate solely on the feelings at this point, not thoughts. Say out loud, “I feel sad.” Or “I feel angry.”

Here’s the tricky part when it comes to thoughts, and they will be hovering. You know the ones I mean. They slide in, the defeatist thoughts, the negativity and the thoughts of worthlessness. My writing sucks. I’ll never be published. I’ll never become a good writer.

This is where a different type of strategy is needed. Commit to your own positive self-talk and affirmations. Sometimes this does require you to listen to what you’re saying to yourself and then change your negative self-talk into positive self-talk. “I believe in what I’m doing.” “I’m becoming a better writer with each day I write.” “Is there anything I can do better to help me become a great writer?”

Decide then and there if you can improve anything. There’s always room for improvement. Remember: even the best writers experience rejection. The difference is they DON’T give up. When you have experienced your feelings and committed to your positive self-talk then you can carry on. Keep writing!


Dear Vacen, thank you very much for taking the time to write this guest post and for this helpful advice.
Bookcover Starchild V Taylor
photo source: Goodreads
Vacen Taylor does know what she is talking about as she just has released the third book in her “Starchild” series which is called “The Healing Stone”. Her advice obviously works!  The “Starchild Series” is a sci-fi series about four children who are linked to the prophecy of the Starchild. Book 1 & 2 describes the beginning of their odyssey and the dangers they have to face. In book three they have to save a friend.
This is what Goodreads says about “Starchild: The Healing Stone”: 
After finding the Silvershade and escaping the attacking forces as the Wilder Forest city was scorched to the ground, Mai, Akra and Kalin must now face the evil that has consumed Long.
When they reach the land of Cruscar and enter the ice city of Algus, the children are confronted with an ice challenge to win an audience with Queen Isolda. A treacherous journey now awaits them if they are to reach the Healing Stone to save Long.
But Piceptus, the underworld king, will not give up his search and he will do anything to bring the pilgrims’ journey to an end. The children grow stronger as they begin to master their powers, but will this be enough to escape this danger and continue on their pilgrimage to fulfil the prophecy?
You can purchase the book here:
You want to know more about Vacen and her work? Please look here:
Vacen’s  Author page
Vacen on Twitter
Vacen on Facebook

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