Finding My Path | Bee Halton, Guest Author

Please head over to “The Sisters of the Fey” for another of my guest posts. I am finding my path…

4 thoughts on “Finding My Path | Bee Halton, Guest Author

  1. Such a heartfelt discussion of your early life, Bee. Isn’t it interesting that we have to attain “a certain age” before we begin to self reflect on our decisions from our past. We all do it, but I think that is all part of our awakening process. Hugs and love to you, Bee. ❤

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    1. Thanks Colleen. I also think we need a certain time distance to see more clearly what happened and what it meant. You are right we all do it. I remember my grandmother starting to tell us all sorts of stories from her past when she was a little older than I am now. Well, she was my age when she became a grandmother so its quite some time later :-). Awakening process: aren’t the signs everywhere? It is exciting to be part of it. Looks like I am mature enough now to want to learn my lessons 😁🙋‍♀️🐝

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