Bee’s Poem of the Day: Tackling Brexit

Hello everybody, how are you doing? I hope life is treating you well and if not: remember you rock no matter the bumps in the road.

I was listening to last week’s Brexitcast in which a creative person made a vinyl with the “Brexitdisco”. He said Brexit caused him lots of anxiety and he wanted to change the whole sorry business into something positive.

Haven’t laughed about Brexit like that ever!!!!! Please listen here if you are so lucky as to get it: Brexitcast: Satuday Night Leaver.

After my post on Brexit over at Filosopha’s Word (Thanks Jill, you rock!) Bexit anxiety had hit me again quite badly so I thought why not follow in the gentleman’s footsteps.

No, don’t worry I won’t bother you with me singing awful 70’s songs (I actually love, love, love 70’s music, so don’t be fooled 😁). I thought I might make a short Brexit poem every day until this country gets over itself and moves somewhere back to sanity wherever that might be.

Have to admit I haven’t followed todays development on Brexit, so please, do not expect any brilliant insights from me. Just a snapshot of todays mood in the house of Halton 😁.

Brexit bring it on

No Deal might cure some high pride

Fog on the beaches

Yes, it was foggy in North Norfolk and I wrote about that over at Therapy Bits (Thanks Carol Anne for hosting my babbling 🤪). I love all shades of autumn as I said over there and can’t wait to find out how tomorrows will be.

In this sense have a lovely evening, night, morning, day whenever you might read this 🙋‍♀️🐝

My video from todays view of the sea