Poem at Night: Newborn

Hello my dear readers, how is your day/night? I hope you are well and enjoy the diversity of the blogosphere. And if life is hard, let me send you a virtual hug.

I’ve just finished the draft for a post for a German poetry project, that will take up my time in November. It was born out of #frapalymo but will live on as “Lyrimo”. We are going to post a poetry prompt for every day in November and invite poets to share their ideas and poems.

I am very excited and maybe even manage to translate the prompts into English so my English-speaking readers can take part too.

But now I am tired (wasn’t there an hour longer at night? I should be fit and all… ) and leave you with some short poetry.

Getting creative

Newborn Poetry Project

I grave for vast skies

Take care of yourselves and read you sooner or later 😘

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