Are you part of “1 Million Women”????

Hello out there, how are you doing? I hope life is treating you well and if not feel hugged and empowered. Because you can do it no matter what!!!!

I have introduced you to many climate crisis activists since the beginning of this year. Many of those are women or young girls and all too often we leave the fight for change to them. However, I believe if we really want to make a difference and save this planet we all need to do something.

But where to begin?

Well, join “1 Million Women” and find inspiration as to what you can change. “1 Million Women” is an Australian organization that connects women from all over the world in their fight to reduce carbon emissions.

It offers a carbon emission challenge where you can pledge what you are going to do to stop this planet from warming up more and more. It’s YouTube channel offers recipes, recycle ideas and much more but most importantly: It empowers every woman to become a climate activist because when it comes down to it we have to start in our own backyard.

The brilliant thing is that “1 Million Women” shows how much carbon we have reduced altogether. Just our own carbon reductions might look like nothing at all but our efforts together make one great big difference. So please watch the playlist from “1 Million Women” and then join because we are the voice!!!!

(please follow the link underneath the video if it does not play here on the blog)

Video credits: 1 Million Women via YouTube

Happy Saturday to you all. May today be the day when we change this world!!!!!

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